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Drummer | 

My name is Nkambwe Henry. I was born in Uganda, in a village called Lubanyi, in Buikwe District. I have one brother and both my parents are still in the village. But I was lucky that God used a man who is a brother to my father! He is a father too! He is called Mr. Senyonjo Godfrey. He is the one who picked from the village in 2006 and brought me to the city (Kampala) to come and stay with him. He liked me so much because I was talented and he didn’t allow my talent to go to waste. He supported me.

I was born in a Christian family, and attending church every Sunday was a must. My mum has been a minister in church up to now. She used to sing in the choir. I used to watch my cousins play in church and they really inspired me a lot. I accepted Jesus in my life in 2008 and that’s when I started seriously serving in church as a drummer. And am still a minister in my church.