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Welcome and Tusinze, Let Us Worship! Thank you for booking a this magnificent musical worship experience with our Uganda Worship Team.  We are so excited to visit your church and we believe that this enthusiasm for worshiping God will ignite within your fellowship.

This page and the downloadable files below are intended only for organizations that have booked a concert with Tusinze.

Join us in prayer over the Tusinze Worship Tour

with Pastor Alex Mutagubya

Bulletin Announcement Text Sample #1
We are excited to announce that next month we have the opportunity to worship with our African brothers and sisters from the Tusinze worship team! These talented worship leaders have a heart for God and a passion for music and they are coming here to our church to lead us in lifting our hands and voices in praise. It will be an experience unlike any other. Please invite a friend and join us in experiencing God in a whole new way.

Bulletin Announcement Text Sample #2
You may have heard – we have an amazing multicultural worship opportunity planned next month! Right here at _____ [your church name] we’ll be welcoming the African Worship Team, Tusinze for a [night, morning] of fellowship and praise. We invite you to experience the energy, joy and excitement they have for God as you listen and sing to the almighty.

Bulletin Announcement Text Sample #3
We want to welcome a guest worship team coming on Sunday, [insert date]. Tusinze means Let Us Worship and this incredible contemporary worship team from Uganda in the heart of Africa. They will join us this Sunday and provide the music for our 10:00am worship service. Join us here in fellowship, and in worship, and in welcoming Tusinze!


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