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Minister & Keyboardist | 

My name is Mujuni Joshua Kakubo. I was born in Uganda in a district called Jinja. I have two brothers and three sisters. I was born and raised in a Christian family, My Father is a Pastor and my Mother is a worship leader and so I grow up knowing God and gave my life to Christ at the age of 12 and that is the same time I started to learn the piano because of the passion for music and also as an act of worship.

I started playing the piano when I was twelve years old in my Fathers Church, Christ Restoration Church, but I would also come to Kampala for to minster in worship nights conferences. When I Joined University I completely Moved to Kampala and joined The Church of Resurrection and I was there for 3 years. Along the way I meet a lot of musicians and in 2014 I joined The City Church through a Concert called JCP and till today I am a minister at The City Church-Luzira (Uganda).